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Janis Wilson
Director / Head Instructor

Studio Pilates
Mat Pilates

Kids Fitness

Functional Strength

Movement inspires me, it gives me a sense of purpose. I’ve been active all my life, throughout school and also through university. After studying and some time spent travelling, I found myself teaching English in Japan. This is where I first became involved with teaching children.

After returning home I spent a decade in the corporate world, and I felt something was missing. It was after having children myself some time later that I was first introduced to Pilates as a way to help regain strength and mobility after pregnancy. My experience with Pilates inspired a change of career.

I returned to study, achieved my diploma in Pilates Instruction and started Super Movement. I am now a proud small business owner, combining my love for movement and fitness with my passion for working with people of all ages to help them achieve their movement goals.

At Super Movement, we run Kids & Teen Fitness Sessions, Pilates (Mat & Studio) and functional strength sessions. We cater for all ages and levels of fitness and mobility, and we can also help with rehabilitation. We have a simple purpose - we want to get people moving. I strongly believe that introducing people to the fundamentals of safe and effective movement at a young age can help to build a strong foundation with lasting benefits throughout life. This is my focus and my passion.

fitness trainer Melbourne

Manuella Ribeiro

Senior Instructor

Studio Pilates
Mat Pilates


Meet our Super Movement pilates instructor. Manuella is passionate about movement, rehabilitation and strengthening. She’s also mother of 20+ indoor plants (yes, they are all properly named), coffee aficionado and loves being outdoors.

Due to a broken clavicle when she was 18, she was never able to lay sideways on that shoulder or carry a bag, or reach something overhead with that arm. For years, she had accepted that she would just have to live like that. Until she discovered pilates.

“I started Pilates out of curiosity and pain was no longer part of my life. From the moment I realised what Pilates had done to my body, I knew I had to pass that knowledge forward and help others to heal and get stronger”. Manuella will push you hard to achieve your goals, with an eye on alignment and correct muscle recruitment. Come and try her sessions now.